University radio UGD-FM

UGD-FM, broadcasts a 24-hour program that refers to students and young people in the city...


The Internal Television broadcasts its programs in 11 teaching centers located in Shtip, Kochani and Strumica...

Publishing Department

The Publishing Department contributes to the development of the teaching, scientific and other activities of the University...

Web department

This part of the Public Relations Center is responsible for maintaining all web site visitors within the University...

Multimedia Center of UGD

The University's Multimedia Center is the place where many of the ceremonies and events of the University are realized...

Our activity

What are our goals

  • Able to receive new collaborators and students who have enthusiasm for work
  • All students to engage with their own idea in the realization of a part of the radio program, to write about the UGD web feeds
  • COJ has full technical equipment that is in function of the students.

Presentation UGD

Video spots on UGD