Publishing Department

The Publishing Department contributes to the development of the teaching, scientific and other activities of the University, but also encourages the creativity at the University.

The Publishing Department performs its activity by publishing a university newsletter, university newspapers, textbooks and teaching aids for teachers and associates of the University. It also publishes monographs of teachers and associates, studies, journals, annuals, collections of articles by the members of the University, translations of foreign publications, official and periodical publications of the University, information and promotional materials, brochures, etc., as printed editions, but also as electronic editions published on the University website.

The Publishing Department efficiently and effectively implements the publishing plan of the University.

Catalog of editions of UGD

The UGD edition catalog covers all annual and periodical editions of the University. The publishing activity covers a vast and complex segment of the work of our young, but firmly established and modern University.

The Publishing Department, as part of the Center for Public Relations, realizes its activities according to the instructions of the University Commission for publishing and normative framework. Rulebooks, rules and internal acts, regulate all publishing activities, which enable transparent operation and realization of the copyrights of the works of all teachers and associates of the University.

The access to the e-library opens a new opportunity for expressing and presenting the publishing activity, which will include higher education, research and professional-applicative publications of all faculties at Goce Delchev University.

Student Echo

Student newspaper

The student newspaper - Student Echo is a project of students in Journalism and Public Relations at Goce Delchev University and it is supported by the Center for Public Relations and the Student Parliament at UGD. The paper aims to offer practice in print media to students that study Journalism, and at the same time to inform all students and young people about current events that take place in the city and the state.

The newspaper contains texts of students that study Journalism, as well as of students from other faculties who volunteer as editorial staff of "Student Echo". The newspaper is published four times during one academic year and distributed at the University's teaching centers.

Archive of the editions of "Student Echo"