UGD TV is an internal television at the University Goce Delchev - Stip

The Internal Television broadcasts its programs in 11 teaching centers located in Shtip, Kochani and Strumica. UGD TV broadcasts a 17-hour program (07:00 - 00:00) structured in an information, educational and entertainment program, all of it a production of the Radio and TV Department of the University. The main aim of UGD TV is to inform, educate and entertain not only the students, but also all visitors to Goce Delchev University - Shtip.

The UGD TV regularly uploads television materials to the YouTube video service and they are shared on the website of the University -, national and local media, as well as social networks.

Due to the production of educational and entertainment programs, UGD TV is an informal addition to the education of students and other consumers. UGD TV supports all young people and students who want to creatively express themselves and actively engage in the creation of the program.